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I cant do without it

Hiya I am a professional dog walker and take my doggy groups to various meadows and fields that don’t have any bins. Before I bought a Dicky bag I would have about 5 or 6 bags of poo to carry about, which is a nightmare when trying to get the dogs on leads. Many a bag of poo was trodden on! I read about Dicky bags in Dogs Monthly. What a genius idea! I cant do without it now. I have clipped...

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Why did I wait so long to buy my Dicky Bag?

I have had my Large Blue Beach Dicky Bag now for 3 weeks, and I can honestly say, it has changed my life!  Before you dismiss me as some sad person who could do with getting out more let me finish. I didn’t think carrying bags of dog poo bothered me, it wasn’t my most favourite job but I just got on with it, carried it to the bin and got rid of it, which is why when I first saw the Dicky...

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‘Crufts – Day 2

Magazine day Today. We were lucky enough to meet the lovely Hannah, assistant editor of Dogs Monthly magazine who has recently done her own product testing of the Dicky Bag.  She loves the bag, from it’s carefully thought our design through to the choice of colours and patterns and is a complete convert.  Her write up should be appearing in the May edition where she gives it a double thumbs up. ...

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