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Why Anne Main is Wrong

I feel there are few people better placed to comment on the behaviour and attitude of dog owners in regards to dog fouling. For the last 8 years I have travelled the UK and spoken to hundreds of thousands of dog owners about the problem of dog fouling, including the dumped poo bag problem the lack of bins and where they believe it is acceptable to not pick up. The biggest problem is not the lack...

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Your dog’s poo is toxic

At last, some one has put up the sign that tells it how it is! YOUR DOG’S WASTE IS TOXIC. This is a great poster placed by the National Trust in St Agnes, Cornwall. Lets hope this starts a new trend of telling people the truth. Picking up after your dog isn’t about fines and avoiding getting caught, it’s about doing the right thing all the time, and knowing why it’s the right...

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Ebola in Dogs

Ebola in dogsWhilst listening to the news today regarding the Ebola victim in Spain I learnt that her dog had been destroyed as it could also have contracted the disease from her.  I have no idea whether Ebola can be passed on via animals, and it would appear that scientists have differing opinions themselves, but it did cause a certain amount of fear in my mind.  I’m not one to pay much heed...

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Cattle Culling because of Parasite in Dog Waste

Here is a very interesting report on BBC Countryfile about a parasite called Neospora. Dogs act as a host to these parasites which they can pick up from all types of meat and food and as there is no cure or vaccine so the parasite won’t be eradicated with worming tablets. If infected dog waste is left and the contaminated grass is injested by cattle the only way of erracdicating the disease...

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Where there’s Muck there’s NO Brass

Frightening statistics have just been revealed on the amount of dog poop generated in each county of the UK and the cost of sending it to landfil. Streetkleen who are campaigning for change in the way councils deal with dog waste have collected together this information to encourage councils to recycle dog waste into energy (yes it can be done – I’ve seen it with my own eyes!). Another...

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beware the perils of “de ja Poo”

For all you happy dog walkers out there who think they have solved their Poop problem by leaving your bags for collection on your return walk I have a word of warning! If you are spotted leaving your poo bags and walking away, you will be fined, and possibly for 2 offences! You can protest your innocence as much as you like but the evidence is you have littered by leaving it and the enforcer will...

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Dicky Bag Awards “The Dickies” 2011

After much heartache and colourful language we have finally been able to upload our first ever Dicky Bag Awards Ceremony aptly named “The Dickies”.  To prove we are a family buisness in the truest sense of the word the whole ceremony was created, filmed and edited by my 3 fantastic sons. I hope you enjoy their efforts.  A congratulations to all the winners and if you weren’t lucky...

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Ode to George the Giant Dog

When is a dog not a dog? When it’s bigger than Pony? Take a look at George the Giant Blue Great Dane here who is hoping to take the title of World’s Tallest Dog. Obviously being in our business i wondered how large i would have to make his Dicky Bag, i’m guessing we’d have to add a special spade holder to go with it Being an old Abba Fan, i have written a special tribute...

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No large Textured Balck

Sorry to disappoint you again but we have sold out of our Large textured black dicky bags.  Our new order is sitting in a warehouse and should be with us by the end of next week.  If you must have this size and colour then go to the shop and click on the option for us to e mail you when they have arrived.  Believe me it’s worth the wait – no more swinging that smelly bag of dog poo,...

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