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Has your council tax bill gone up?

What a silly question Of course it has Could i just point out to those people who are vocal about wanting more dog bins or want them emptied more often that if you get your wish your Counil Tax will go up even more and once it goes up, it won’t be coming down . Why not find a cheaper alternative, one where you don’t have to carry plastic bags of dog poo in your hand until you get to...

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Pink Poo!

Just seen a great article on CBBC’s newsround in relation to a council’s struggle to highlight the problem of Dog Fouling. Staffordshire council have decided to spray the normal brown deposits fluorescent pink to show how much of a problem it is.  It’s a nice start but why not go a step further, like Conwy council in Wales, and provide a solution.  Conwy have invested in 500 Dicky...

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No large Textured Balck

Sorry to disappoint you again but we have sold out of our Large textured black dicky bags.  Our new order is sitting in a warehouse and should be with us by the end of next week.  If you must have this size and colour then go to the shop and click on the option for us to e mail you when they have arrived.  Believe me it’s worth the wait – no more swinging that smelly bag of dog poo,...

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crufts – 4th and final day

I write tonight with sore feet, aching legs and a brain that’s turned to mush. Sunday at crufts was even busier than saturday and the public were on a mission to spend money.  Barry and I spent many hours demonstrating the Dicky Bag to inquisitive visitors which resulted in numerous sales and some very silly comments.  It turns out that men seem  to think it’s ok to use bags of dog...

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Sorry no Large Blue Beach

Sorry to disappoint you guys, but our large blue beach bag has been so popular we have currently run out of stock.  The new shipment should be with us in the next 10-14 days, so i’m afraid you’ll have to continue carrying your bags of dog poo in your hand for a little bit longer or choose one of our other stylish colours.  If you can’t be satisfied by any of our other offerings...

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Have you ever tried Geocaching?

Isn’t it funny what you can find on the world wide web! Yesterday as we were happily surfing the internet looking for a bone shapped karabiner (whole other story) when we came across Geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing).  Has any one out that tried it?  It looks like great fun and i’m certainly interested in giving it a go.  The site we found was called UK Geocachers where you can get...

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Dog poo poisons the water table

I wouldn’t consider myself a green activist, but whilst doing research into the Dicky Bag I came across some disturbing facts about the harm dog poo causes to the water table.  Many people justify not picking up after their dog by stating that is more environmentally friendly to leave it to break down naturally – well they’re wrong. 

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What are they saying?

I’m pleased to say that slowly but surely the nation is coming round to our way of thinking. Why have we been carrying bags of dog poo in our hands?  And just to prove it here are some of the fantastic comments we have received. “I am a professional dog walker and  have bought products before which you use to carry your dogs No2’s in and have given up with them with in a couple...

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Dicky Bag Helps Keep Britain Tidy

The Dicky Bag has found another fan base in the form of Keep Britain Tidy campaign.  This is fantastic news because the Dicky bag was not only invented to help dog owners by providing a civilised way of carrying dog poo, it also intends to create more responsible dog owners.  By offering more solutions to the problem of dog fouling it will become less acceptable to not pick up after your dog or...

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