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Tag: dog exercise

Fit as a butchers dog!

Good day fellow cat herders! Dicky here! Today I had to explain to my human that it was perfectly acceptable and quite normal for me to want another walk, nay another two walks per day!  My reasoning behind this?  I’m a dog- it’s what I do, I’m a roamer… ever watch the littlest hobo? Ah now there’s a fellow with the right idea – all he does is walk…and...

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dogs banned from 72 nottinghamshire parks

Nottinghamshire council have put dog bans in place in 72 of their parks due to an increase in the number of cases of dog fouling.  Irresponsible dog owners are to blame for the out right ban which means every dog and their owners will suffer.  People will have to drive to alternative locations to allow their dogs to exercise properly is this what we want to encourage at a time of concern over global...

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