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Large Bluetits Chill Swimmers Mat


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Neoprene, machine washable, protective and lightweight. Our Mats are an essential for any outdoor trp. For use on wet seats, cold or hot floors/surfaces, especially useful when camping or swimming. The Cornish Blue-Tits use these after chill swimming as a warm surface to get changed on, as well as wrapping their wet costumes within.

Due to its ability to be wrapped up within itself to a small size it’s a perfect dog walking companion, for example, if your dog doesn’t like wet or cold surfaces when you stop for that essential mid-walk drink.

Truly, its limit is what you decide it can used for, check out our Mat usage possibility videos for tips!



Between the 9th and the 14th of March, our entire team will be at Crufts

We will not be able to send anything during that time.

Once Crufts has finished the deliveries were run as normal, please keep this in mind while ordering.

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