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Labrador Dicky Bag


4mm thick neoprene rubber with thin polyester covering on both sides and sublimated images of dog faces on the lid

Lightweight and soft with Odour proof seals and seams

Washable in 30 degree machine wash

Can store any type or style of pick up bag in lid

Can attach to any type of lead, dog harness, running belt, bag or to your belt loops

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These Dicky Bags have charming faces on them depicting just a few characteristics we love about particular breeds be it their floppy ears, squashed noses, beards or happy smiley faces. The images are sublimated onto the double lined neoprene so they won’t fade, crack, peel or wash off.

The bags are made from our double lined neoprene which has a thin layer of polyester on both sides of the 4mm rubber hence the name double lined.  The thin polyester layer on the outside of the bag will get wet in the rain, however the 4mm thick rubber is the bit that stops water getting into the bag.  Double lined neoprene is a cheaper material than the Neoskin neoprene and is why you will see a price difference between the two types of bags.  The Neoskin range does not have a polyester outer layer; it has a textured rubber outer which means water will run off of the outside of the Dicky Bag. All of our Dicky Bags are waterproof (in that water is prevented from getting inside the bag) however the outside of the double lined bags will get wet.

All of our bags are made from top quality genuine neoprene and is why they work so well.  They are all hand made in Lostwithiel, Cornwall by skilled workers who have clocked up years of experience working with this specialist material.  They are all made the same way so no style of bag will work any better than another, the difference in cost comes down to the expense of the base material.

All of our Dicky Bags are glued and blind stitched to keep the integrity of the seams, which is how we make our bags waterproof and odour proof. On double lined and designer styles you will see the stitch line on the outside of the bags and glue lines on the inside; on Neoskin bags you will see the stitch line on the inside and the glue line on the outside.

If your Dicky Bag gets dirty you can wash the bag in a machine on a cool 30 degree wash.  We recommend removing all the loose items such as the carabineer and one wrap Velcro and turning the bottom section of the bag only inside out.  When washed hang up and air dry. To keep your bag from taking on any unpleasant odours make sure that you replace the air freshener when required and wash when necessary.

Our bags are extremely tough and durable and are designed to be used on every dog walk you go on and if treated correctly will last you for years and years. To prolong the life of your bag we advise you clean and lubricate the zip regularly as you are using the bag outside in all weathers and conditions and small particles of dirt, grit, salt etc can easily get caught in the teeth and can result in zip damage

The top section of the, clean storage pocket, of the Dicky Bag is designed to accommodate any style of pick up bag including rolls or flat packs.  The storage area is big enough to store 2 rolls.

Dicky Bag Dimensions

Variation Height Width Waste Storage Volume Weight Example Pic
Extra Large 18cm
11cm /
1,330ml /
45 fl oz (US)
130g /
4 1/2 oz
Extra Large Dicky Bag
Large 16cm /
10cm /
1021ml /
34.5 fl oz (US)
125g /
4 1/4 oz
Large Dicky Bag
Medium 12.5cm /
10cm /
707ml /
24 fl oz (US)
115g /
4 oz
Medium Dicky Bag
Small 12.5cm /
8cm /
453ml /
16 fl oz (US)
77g /
2 3/4 oz
Small Dicky Bag
Extra Small 10cm /
8cm /
352ml /
12.5 fl oz (US)
65g /
2 1/4 oz
Extra Small Dicky Bag

Please note height / width are external measurements. Volume indicates main storage volume without including bag storage compartment.

How much can you fit inside?

What's in the Bag? was put together as a fun rough guide to how much you can actually fit in your Dicky Bag. The results are surprising! Click on the videos below to play along.

Extra Small

Extra small Dicky Bag video


Small Dicky Bag video


Medium Dicky Bag video


Large Dicky Bag video

Extra Large

Extra large Dicky Bag video

Nappy Bag

Nappy bag video


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