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Your dog’s poo is toxic

At last, some one has put up the sign that tells it how it is! YOUR DOG’S WASTE IS TOXIC.

This is a great poster placed by the National Trust in St Agnes, Cornwall. Lets hope this starts a new trend of telling people the truth. Picking up after your dog isn’t about fines and avoiding getting caught, it’s about doing the right thing all the time, and knowing why it’s the right thing to do. Ignorance is no excuse!

Picking up after your dog is not voluntary, it’s compulsory. You don’t get to choose if it’s convenient for you to get to it or carry it, becuase there isn’t a bin close by. Every 1 gram of poo your dog does contains 23 million faecal bacteria whether it’s on a busy path or in a secluded field, so you have to dispose of it correctly. The bacteria seeps into the soil or is carried on the feet of other animals, birds and insects. These bacteria and parasites don’t disappear when the dog poo degrades, it hangs around for bewtween 3 and 10 years and poisons our environment. We don’t just pick up dog waste becuase someone saw the dog do it, we don’t just pick up dog poop because its on a path and someone might step in it, we pick up dog poo becuase if we don’t we are poisoning our eco system

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