Winning the X Factor isn’t everything… Matt Cardle misses his dog!

Well, it’s Christmas Eve and it’s all very exciting isn’t it?  Christmas is the perfect time for taking stock of the great things you have in your life and so it was nice to read that despite having one of the most incredible ends to the year possible and winning the X Factor, what Matt Cardle would really like is the opportunity to chill out with his dog and his family or go for a walk without being recognised!

So… this Christmas don’t forget to take a look around you and realise just how lucky you are.  Your faithful friend thinks the world of you and is looking forward to more adventures with you in 2011!

And… if you got him / her a Dickybag for Christmas you can both look forward to far more pleasurable walks than you have ever experienced before too!

Merry Christmas folks!

Smell you later

Dicky Dog

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