Runaway Tractor Dorset Show 2010

My guardian angel was certainly looking after my family and me yesterday when a vintage tractor which came careering down a hill on it’s own heading straight for Dicky Bag stand.  The vintage tractors were parked on a hill in the Dorchester showground as part of Dorset county show approximately 100 metres from our pitch.  Suddenly, from the top of the hill, we could hear people shouting at us to get out of the way and in front of them was grey tractor with no driver that was starting to pick up great speed.

The next minute has played over in my head a hundred times since it happened with ever imaginable outcome because it was so clear, so sureal and in slow motion.

Once I understood what was happening and I could see it’s intended destination was the middle of our stand I went to move to one side and hopefully out of it’s path but I had to head back to the marquee because I couldn’t remember if my children were in danger at the back of the tent or were in the van. Whilst my back was turned and the tractor was no more than 3 metres away, it hit a bump in the grass turning the wheels diverting it from our path sharply to the right.  As I turned back I saw it plough into the side of an elderly lady on a mobility scooter and push her into Purrr-fection Pets who had the trade stand next to us.  The incredible force with which it hit her can only be described as similar to a train.  Half of their stand was completely trashed and steel marque supports were bent and mangled and the lady herself was trapped underneath the tractor.  The seat had been ripped out of it’s metal fixings at the base but thankfully the base of the scooter finally jammed the wheels of the tractor to stop it’s progress.

Members of the public managed to manouver the 1 ton tractor off of the women who was lying amongst a pile broken plastic and metal and the Ambulance arived within seconds.  Mirraculously she was released from hospital later that night with cuts and bruises, but i can’t stop thinking about all the “What if’s”.

What if the tractor hadn’t turned at the last minute?

What if it had turned more and mowed down numerous people?

What if it had been a hour earlier when the hillside was full of families having picnics?

This is one of life’s freak accidents and I’m going to concentrate on the positive and thank whatever act of fate or spiritual force saved me and my family from harm yesterday, I just hope I haven’t used up one of my lives!


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