Ode to George the Giant Dog

When is a dog not a dog? When it’s bigger than Pony?

Take a look at George the Giant Blue Great Dane here who is hoping to take the title of World’s Tallest Dog.

Obviously being in our business i wondered how large i would have to make his Dicky Bag, i’m guessing we’d have to add a special spade holder to go with itLaughing

Being an old Abba Fan, i have written a special tribute to George to the tune of Super Trooper

“He’s like a super Pooper,

Don’t leave it, it can blind you,

That i know is true,

toxins through and through

Use a Dicky for his number 2’s”



George lives in Arizona with his owners Christine and George Nasser and they are awaiting confirmation from the Guiness World Records that he is indeed the Worlds tallest dog.

Georges stats:

7 foot 3 inches from nose to tail

stands 42.625 inches to the shoulder

weighs 254 lbs

Eats 110 lbs of food every month

But there’s no indication of how much dog poop he producesUndecided

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