Local council take positive action in solving Dog Fouling problem

Conwy council in North Wales have taken the postive step of ordering 500 Dicky Bags to give to their residents in a bid to reduce the problem of dog fouling on their streets and in their parks.  In the darker winter months they see a sharp increase in the number of complaints regarding dog mess being left by irresponsible dog owners who believe that if their dog hasn’t been seen fouling then they can get away with leaving it.  They will be visiting 10 of the worst affected areas under their control and promoting the idea of cleaning up after your dog and the social, ecological and health problems that can occur from leaving dog feces.  In the past Conwy council have supplied their residents with free pick up bags which had the desired effect with increased numbers picking up after their dogs but they then had a problem with people dumping plastic bags of poo on the street, in hedges and tying them to trees in a form of protest.  By supplying Dicky Bags they should be able to solve all their dog poo problems becuase not only will dog owners have ample supply of clean pick up bags but they will also have some where to store the full ones until they reach a suitable bin.

It is so refreshing to come across a council who are prepared to try new ideas in order to combat an age old problem and I hope the residents of Conwy appreciate the efforts they have gone to.  Now all we need is the not so good dog owners to be a little more considerate to their community and with any luck we will have created at least 500 more resposnible dog owners.

Lets hope Conwy lead the way to a Poo free Britain.




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