Fit as a butchers dog!

Good day fellow cat herders! Dicky here!

Today I had to explain to my human that it was perfectly acceptable and quite normal for me to want another walk, nay another two walks per day!  My reasoning behind this?  I’m a dog- it’s what I do, I’m a roamer… ever watch the littlest hobo? Ah now there’s a fellow with the right idea – all he does is walk…and eat of course…  BUT, could I get my human out in the open air twice in one day?  I think I’d have more chance of actually catching my tail.

So how much exercise is right for you? Well for some it’s a great deal, and for others it’s really not a lot at all. It’s pretty breed specific.  With that in mind when I met my dear friend Amber she was, shall we say… slightly on the podgy side… you could actually balance your water bowl on her back, which for a King Charles Cavalier was quite something, and she hated walking, and who could blame her having to haul all that around!

Well she came to stay at Dickybag HQ for quite some time and we got along famously!  I showed her all my favourite Bodmin Moor and Dartmoor haunts, we shared tales (tails) of our regal ancestry and we walked and walked until by the time she left us she was a silf like little thing who you just couldn’t keep inside, she just couldn’t get enough exercise!

So it goes to show, we are all meant to run, what differs is just how much. Oh and strict mealtimes and laying off those scraps doesn’t go amiss either, moment on the lips, lifetime on the hips/haunch and all that!

I came across this video and I have to say I commend this chap on his commitment to fitness!  Do any of you have a more unusual way of staying fit with your human? If so, I’d love to hear about it!

Oh, and when you’re out there enjoying your walk don’t forget your Dickybag!  It’s embarrassing enough having to get your human to pick up after you – let alone having them parading it around in front of everyone in one of those ghastly little sacks!

Smell you later!

Dicky Dog

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