Dogs that look like their owners a LOT!

Now it’s a well known fact that dogs tend to look like their owners… or the other way around – but when I came across this video I just couldn’t believe my eyes!

It got me thinking – is the saying “opposites attract” even remotely true?  If dogs choose people that look so obviously just like them surely this age old saying needs re-writing?

It also made me think of how important it is for doggy folks to choose the correct Dickybag – one that compliments their image as well as their person does…

My friend Hendrix the Chihuahua – owned by the equally demure and beautiful Paris Hilton suits the tiny golden Dickybag perfectly for example.  Which Dickybag is right for you and your person doggy pals?  Are you a pink flower type or a camo type?  Choose carefully!

Hmmm… check back soon for more ponderings from Dicky Dog!

Smell you later



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