Beware 4 legged larger louts!

Brewers in Holland have launched a Dog Beer.

It is alcohol free and made from a special blend of beef extracts and malt, to keep a beer taste and add meaty goodness.  The makers market it as ‘a beer for your best friend’.  A spokesman said “for large dogs we recommend one bottle a day smaller dogs like chihuahuas, well they prefer shorts’.

It is being trialed in the Derby branch of Pets at Home before being rolled out Nationally.  Interesting that Pets at Home think stocking dog beer is more ground breaking than stocking dicky bags which aim to solve the dog fouling problem!

But it would appear they are not the first to come up with this idea.  It will come as no surprise that an Australian company called paws point have been making and selling  dog beer in New South Wales for some time.



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