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best way to start the week

The kids are back at school and the cloud is rolling in (could it be icelandic volcanic ash?) and I’m currently jealous of all those people stranded in beautiful countries in the sunshine because they can’t fly home.  Never mind i’ve got my lovely customers to cheer me up and I got 2 emails this morning that certianly did that.

Just had to send you an e mail singing the praises of the Dicky Bag!

It arrived in super quick time – enabling us to take it away with us on a weeks holiday in North Wales.

A suitably macho camoflage design – my husband happily attached it to his trouser belt when we were out on walks with Ruby – our 5 month old chocolate Lab.

It was fantastic! Poos were nicely contained and odour free. So much better than being encumbered with a poopy bag!

What a fantastic little gadget.

Many thanks,

Julie Tompkins

It arrived before the email and is fab!  We walk on a lot of MOD land where there are no bins at all, so very handy.  I think I heard about it from a dog magazine, when I was first researching my puppy.  Dogs Today is the most likely candidate.  I filed it away in my brain for future reference, and you were pretty easy to find via Google when the time came.  I walk greyhounds for the RGT and am seriously considering buying the large size for that :-).


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