A New Years Resolution for you to consider…

So here we are at the beginning of another year and I’ve got a proposition for all you dog owners out there…

You see your loyal and trustee companion’s (for the most part) can’t type and haven’t yet learnt to master the art form of blogging as I have (but give them time…) and so I feel it is my duty as their official spokesperson to ask you to please include the following in your new years resolutions:

  • Go for more frequent or longer walks with your dog (even if it’s just another 5 minutes or perhaps even sitting in the garden together for a few minutes enjoying a one to one chat)
  • Play with your dog a little more each day – even if it’s just one more 2 minute mess around he/she will love you for it!
  • Give your dog a few more cuddles each day – to show them how much you appreciate having them around.
  • Always be responsible and carry your Dickybag with pride!
If you do each of these things, believe me, your dog will pay you back 100 times over in love and affection and your days will be even happier than they are now!
Thank you for listening
Dicky Dog
P.S – I’m now going to print up this page and leave it in my bed for my humans to find.  I’m sure they will be impressed with how my spelling has come on in the past year!


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