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Treat Bag Video Demo

I've been brought, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century by my son! You can now see a lovely little video demo of out treat bags. See all the benefits for yourself and see how quick and easy it is to access those treats to get the best performance from your dog; whether you are training your puppy or trying your hand at dog agility, our treat bags won't let you down.


Your dog's poo is toxic

At last, some one has put up the sign that tells it how it is! YOUR DOG'S WASTE IS TOXIC.

This is a great poster placed by the National Trust in St Agnes, Cornwall. Lets hope this starts a new trend of telling people the truth. Picking up after your dog isn't about fines and avoiding getting caught, it's about doing the right thing all the time, and knowing why it's the right thing to do. Ignorance is no excuse!

Picking up after your dog is not voluntary, it's compulsory. You don't get to choose if it's convenient for you to get to it or carry it, becuase there isn't a bin close by. Every 1 gram of poo your dog does contains 23 million faecal bacteria whether it's on a busy path or in a secluded field, so you have to dispose of it correctly. The bacteria seeps into the soil or is carried on the feet of other animals, birds and insects. These bacteria and parasites don't disappear when the dog poo degrades, it hangs around for bewtween 3 and 10 years and poisons our environment. We don't just pick up dog waste becuase someone saw the dog do it, we don't just pick up dog poop because its on a path and someone might step in it, we pick up dog poo becuase if we don't we are poisoning our eco system


Ebola in Dogs

Ebola in dogs
Whilst listening to the news today regarding the Ebola victim in Spain I learnt that her dog had been destroyed as it could also have contracted the disease from her.  I have no idea whether Ebola can be passed on via animals, and it would appear that scientists have differing opinions themselves, but it did cause a certain amount of fear in my mind.  I’m not one to pay much heed to the scare mongering which is prevalent in our media these days, but it occurred to me that if dogs can carry and transmit the Ebola virus, via excreted viral particles, this could cause a much greater problem.  Being in the business I’m in, I know all too well that despite the fact that dog poop should be picked up everywhere many choose to ignore this fact, even making an excuse that it isn’t on a path or in a public place.  However, the reason it should be picked up everywhere is that the toxins in dog waste poison the land and make their way into our water table, and I for one wouldn’t want the water table to be infected with Ebola.  My aim is not to cause pandemonium amongst you, I am not claiming to be an expert on the subject, merely voicing the thoughts that went through my head this morning.  I just hope this might make some people think a little more intelligently about why they should pick up after their dog and stop making excuses about where and when it’s OK to leave it!  
I know I’m biased, but even my customers tell me, that with a Dicky Bag there is no excuse for not picking up everywhere, and it’s about time the lazy people, the “I walk in a field so I can leave it to break down naturally”, were held to account! It is estimated that 20-30% of stream pollution is caused by the toxins from dog waste and residue dog waste. They are poisoning our countryside, other animals and our water.


Treat Bags get seal of approval

Karen Wild, profesional dog trainer, author and dog behaviour feature writer in Dogs Today magazine, recentlly put our new treats bags through some rigorous testing in her dog training classes and her review is so glowing it even made me blush!

If you already know of our products you will know that we pride ourselves on great quality, reliability and usefulness. We want to make products that our customers love as much as we do and to get this kind of review puts a spring in our step.

When I first tried a bit of dog agility training with Rosie and Barney I discovered how awkward treat bags were to use. First you have toggles to wrestle with whislt under the time constraint of giving the treat so the dog remembers what it's being rewarded for, then you are so preoccupied with delivering the treat quickly you forget your plentiful bag is open and promptly dispense the majority of your treats on the floor!

And then there's the running!

This basically translates into "how many treats can you scatter around the course" It became plainly evident that dog treat bags needed a "Dicky Bag" style overhaul, and we're pretty pleased with how it turned out.

We have produced an anti spill lid which allows instant acces to your treats. It has a belt loop, carabineer and double sided velcro one wrap so you can attach to whatever you want. The neoprene stops grease marks from meat or cheese leeching through onto your clothing and it is easily washed either by hand or on a cool wash in the machine without falling apart. Now that's what you call a treat bag!

If you don't believe me, go and read Karens blog here.


Cattle Culling because of Parasite in Dog Waste

Here is a very interesting report on BBC Countryfile about a parasite called Neospora. Dogs act as a host to these parasites which they can pick up from all types of meat and food and as there is no cure or vaccine so the parasite won't be eradicated with worming tablets. If infected dog waste is left and the contaminated grass is injested by cattle the only way of erracdicating the disease from the herd is to cull the infected animals. This isn't just a problem if you walk in pastures, other animals and birds can transfer the parasite to the pasture, so the message is, IT'S NEVER OK TO LEAVE DOG MESS!! The only way to find out if your dog is infected is with a blood test as your dog can function normally whilst being a host to this deadly parasite.

The Parasite is hazardous for at least 6 months, long after any trace of dog waste is visible, meaning it can be picked up on the feet of othe animals and birds and transfered to the pasture. Neospora is the number 1 cause of abortion in cattle and is estimated to cost the British economy £20 million and £800 million world wide, and all because a few people are too precious to pick up. Cattle can't be treated meaning the only way the farmer can protect his herd is by culling the infected cows and potentially their calves too!

Having travelled the Country selling Dicky Bags I have spoken to thousands of dog owners, and it infuriates me when they tell me that they don't have to pick up becuase they walk in fields so their dog doesn't poo on paths! I knew this wasn't the answer to the dog poop problem but I had no idea of the seriousness of the problem regarding infecting other livestock. Watch out reluctant poop pickers, I have the information and I'm not afraid to tell you you're wrong!

Watch the report, it's fascinating, it's about 45 minutes in


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Just what I needed!

"Wow! The Dicky Bag is exactly what I needed! The clip saves me carrying the bag in my hand, the seal stops it from smelling, and it looks great!"

Andy, Cornwall

Read more
Soooo useful!

"I love my Dicky Bag! It's so much nicer than having to carry a plastic bag around, plus the neoprene design means it doubles as my stubby holder! Awesome!"

 Anna, Penryn 

Read more
Best gift ever!

"I got my Dicky Bag as a Christmas gift and it's one of the best things I've been given! I'll definitely be getting one for my dog-loving friends and re-stocking on Dicky Disks and bags... in fact I'm going to order some now!"

Pete, On The Boat

Read more
Great for carrying... anything!

Just wanted to say thank you for my Camo style Dicky Bag - as well as being ideal for walking Muttley, it's perfect for carrying extra paintballing ammo!

Geoff, Lancs

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Miranda's Windy Holiday

Just come back from a somewhat windy and sometimes wet holiday in Devon. I asked for the dicky bag to be delivered to the rental property we were staying in. They were there ready and waiting (I purchased two, one for a friend). Read more

Top Rated Product!

I recently purchased a dicky bag (dog poo bag!) online as it seemed the answer to all of my poop scooping problems (no bins on walks, clutching a tesco carrier bag blatantly full of crap - you know how it is! )

Read more
Excellent product

We love these messages - even the professionals are using our dog walking bags! Smile

"To the Dicky bag team.  I am a professional dog walker and  have bought products before which you use to carry your dogs No2's in and have given up with them with in a couple of days as they have always been so impractical to use.  I must say I have been using my Dicky bag for 3 weeks now and love it!

I like the idea of carrying spare bags in the top although I take them off the roll before hand and push them in to the slot.  The bag is discreet and so much better than when I had pooh bags swinging from my hip! Read more
It's hard to stop people borrowing it! I won a Dicky bag at alocal dog show, having never heard of the company before I didn't know just how great this product was. We take our bag to every show,walk and journey and it really is brilliant. You wouldn't know what it contained and I honestly couldn't live without our now! My mum and sister are having one each for christmas they are amazed. I keep having to ask for my bag back from my sister who tries stealing it on a regular basis!
Thanks to all at Dicky Bags for making our life easier, less embarrasing and more convient. Dicky bags make being a responsible dog owner stylish and cool!

Lucy Smitheram Read more
RSPCA Cornwall

'Hands free' walking is so much better, I don't have to carry lots of poo bags, no wafting smells or poo bags in photos!

Read more
Wouldn't be without it!

Where Dolly goes the Dicky bag goes! Wouldn't be without it. 

Natalie, Cornwall

Read more

I am so pleased with my Dicky bag, it is so much better to carry around, and you can't smell the poo. EXCELLENT Everyone should have one

Read more

I am a professional dog walker, I have bought myself and my staff members a dicky bag, we have been using for both our personal and our clients dogs for a week now they are brilliant.

Read more

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